Watch Goldman Sachs, Nacha, and Modern Treasury discuss the future of embedded payments.Watch the webinar.


Embedded Payments: ACH’s Next Frontier

Watch experts from Goldman Sachs TxB, Nacha, and Modern Treasury discuss the impact of embedded payments on companies and banks and the infrastructure required to be a leader in ACH’s next frontier.


$7 Trillion – Estimated transaction volume of embedded finance in 2026

Companies across industries are embedding payments into their products to create deeper, more compelling value propositions. Embedded payments present tremendous opportunities for companies. They also provide opportunities for banks to develop stickier, more valuable relationships with their clients.

We convened experts from Goldman Sachs TxB, Nacha, and Modern Treasury to discuss the wide-ranging impact of embedded payments, and the infrastructure needed to power the next frontier of the ACH network.



George Throckmorton

Managing Director at Nacha


Matt Marcus

Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer at Modern Treasury


Angelos Anastasiou

Managing Director, Chief Solutions Architect at Goldman Sachs TxB


Luke Hammock

Head of Embedded Finance at Goldman Sachs TxB

Watch the webinar