About us

Modern Treasury builds payments operations solutions. Our tools automate the full cycle of money movement—from payment initiation, through approvals, to reconciliation—and are accessible through web application or API.

Building for scale together

Dimitri, Matt, and Sam were responsible for the payment operations system at LendingHome, which has funded over $3 billion in mortgage loans.

Between loan funding, monthly payments, warehouse lines, and investor transactions, the team scaled payment operations to more than $15B in money movement and hundreds of thousands of transactions.

Powering Payment Operations

After Dimitri, Matt, and Sam realized that thousands of companies build similar, often under-supported systems, they set out to build a more robust, scalable solution called Modern Treasury.

The founders completed Y Combinator together, and since then Modern Treasury has grown to power payment operations for customers in real estate, health care, financial services, and marketplaces.

Try Modern Treasury and see how smooth payment operations can be.