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Compliance and payments, unified

AML compliance and fraud prevention built into payments workflows from day one.

Modern Treasury Compliance

Instrument compliance and fraud programs without the heavy lifting

Integrated with payments

Avoid the hassle of integrating and managing multiple disparate solutions for compliance, fraud, and payment operations.

Speed up bank onboarding

Instrument BSA/AML policy with our KYC, KYB, and transaction monitoring features.

Minimize fraud

Turn on transaction monitoring on all payments to catch fraud and suspicious behavior.

Streamline manual reviews

Automate decisions with rules and decisioning workflows.

How it works

Embed Modern Treasury's iFrame into your app with a small Javascript code snippet.

Billfold partners with Modern Treasury to verify your identity

Get verified quickly

Verify your identity in a few simple steps by providing some basic information

Secure your information

Encryption helps protect your personal and financial data

Collect customer information required for KYC checks and payments. User data is securely stored in the Modern Treasury platform so that you don’t have to.

Personal Details

Review risky users with Modern Treasury's case management features. Counterparties will be created for approved users for smooth payments.


Identity Verification

Simplify KYC on user onboarding

Modern Treasury Compliance identity verification
  • Validate bank account information and save time with embeddable onboarding flows to collect personal information.
  • Screen users against OFAC, SDN, PEP watchlists, and adverse media databases.
  • Minimize identity theft and account takeovers with advanced behavior biometrics and device intelligence.
Transaction Monitoring

Ongoing fraud detection

Modern Treasury Compliance transaction monitoring
  • Enable transaction monitoring on all payments to stay on top of evolving fraud patterns.
  • Detect fraud and money laundering behavior with advanced machine learning algorithms.
  • Fine tune detection criteria for your product over time with a no-code rules engine.

Find a bank partner, set up a compliance program, and start moving money all on one platform.

Case Management

Streamline manual reviews

Modern Treasury Compliance case management
  • Configure manual case reviews and automated judgments based on risk levels.
  • Investigate cases with a unified view of user and transaction data in the Modern Treasury app.
  • Collaborate easily with case assignments and notifications.
Transaction Monitoring

Security by design

Modern Treasury Compliance security
  • Avoid handling PII with Modern Treasury’s embeddable user onboarding flows
  • Control access to your compliance setup with custom roles-based permissions in the app.
  • Get complete visibility into compliance decisions with automatic audit logs.

Try Modern Treasury and experience the future of money movement.