We conducted a survey with The Harris Poll on the State of Payment Operations in 2021.Download the report

The State of Payment Operations

There's more to money movement than just moving money. In a recent survey conducted by Modern Treasury and Harris Poll, companies revealed the many pain points they face while managing payment operations using existing tools and processes today.

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What are Payment Operations?

Payment Operations are the workflows that move money for companies. They include (but are not limited to):

  • Initiating payments
  • Processing approvals
  • Reconciling transactions
  • Booking to a ledger
  • Managing returns, failures, and problems┬áthat come up
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Insights from The State of Payment Operations

Manual operations

Over one third of payment operations are still primarily manual. Read the report to see which processes are lagging.

Challenging tools

Finance teams are unhappy with the systems they have today to support them. Learn just how many tools they use.

Slow payments

84% of finance teams face challenges with their payments, including payments taking too long to settle or failing frequently.

About Modern Treasury

Modern Treasury builds payment operations software that transforms the way teams move and track money so they can create high-growth businesses rooted in financial transparency.

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