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Flawless tracking for products that store and move value at scale

Categorize transactions and monitor balances for product users in real time with double-entry ledgers.

How it works illustration

How it works

How it works illustration

1. Create a Ledger to track transactions and balances in your product.

How it works illustration

2. Set up Ledger Accounts to represent value stored by your users.

How it works illustration

3. Programmatically create and classify transactions into Ledger Accounts.

How it works illustration

4. Monitor in real time using the API or web app.

Complete visibility into in-product transactions and balances

Account for transactions at the source

Never lose track of funds again. Create ledger entries directly from product flows the moment a transaction occurs.

Minimize errors using double-entry accounting

Ledgers uses double-entry accounting to minimize bookkeeping errors by recording each transaction at least twice.

Maintain data integrity with built-in immutability

Ledger entries can’t be deleted or overwritten once posted, providing a trustworthy and auditable record of all transactions.

Use multiple payment methods and currencies

Link ledger transactions to reconciled payments and track balances in multiple currencies.

We abstract away the complexity of creating embedded financial apps like digital wallets and stored value accounts.

Easy compliance and monitoring

How it works illustration
  • Eliminate manual compliance tracking with immutable audit logs that record the source, time, and reason a transaction was updated.
  • Prevent duplicate transactions from being recorded using unique idempotency keys for each transaction.
  • Using a third party to record transaction data improves your compliance posture, making it easy for external auditors to access and review data.

Manage Ledgers in the web app

How it works illustration
  • Ledger transactions are published to the web app in real time, providing finance and ops teams with complete visibility.
  • Identify and fix bookkeeping errors faster with search and filtering for transactions in the web app.
  • Use Modern Treasury’s roles-based access controls to securely manage access and permissions to ledger data.

Try Modern Treasury and see how smooth payment operations can be.