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The database for money movement

A scalable source of truth for the transactions and balances in your platform.

Start building
How it works illustration

How it works

How it works illustration

1. Create a Ledger to represent your internal chart of accounts.

How it works illustration

2. Create Ledger Accounts to represent segregated funds, both internal and external.

How it works illustration

3. As transactions happen, use the API to log them in the immutable ledger.

How it works illustration

4. Watch your balances update in real-time on the web app. Use them in production with the API.

Build for longevity, faster

Ledgers is an immutable, interoperable, and real-time data platform built for products that move money.

Account for transactions at the source

Never lose track of funds again. Create ledger entries directly from product flows the moment a transaction occurs.

Build robust infrastructure with double-entry ledgering

Ledgers uses double-entry to ensure consistency across all transactions.

Maintain data integrity with built-in immutability

Ledgers is append-only: transactions can’t be deleted or overwritten once posted.

Use multiple payment methods and currencies

Link ledger transactions to reconciled payments and track balances in multiple currencies, including crypto.

ClassPass scaled programmatic payouts to tens of thousands of studios globally with Modern Treasury Ledgers

Hassle-free data consistency

  • Detailed, timestamped logs make your backend auditable.
  • Built-in idempotency prevents duplicate transactions.
  • Using a hosted database means your infrastructure keeps improving while you focus on your product.

Full visibility for operations teams

  • Ledger transactions are published in the web app in real-time, allowing ops teams to quickly resolve customer issues.
  • Use Modern Treasury’s roles-based access controls to securely manage access and permissions to ledger data.
  • Identify and fix bookkeeping errors faster with search and filtering for transactions in the web app.

Try Modern Treasury and see how smooth payment operations can be.