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The Database for
 Money Movement

A scalable source of truth for the
 transactions and balances in your platform.

Illustration of records of pay-ins and payouts using ledgers database
A visual representing Modern Treasury's Ledger product.

Build for longevity with a performant and consistent data store

Built-in safeguards on data entry and handling

Double-entry, immutability, and audit trails, out of the box.

Fast enough to handle card authorization flows

High throughput, low latency, and robust concurrency controls.

Simple implementation and maintenance

Clean API, data source agnostic, fully featured dashboard.

Flexibility to support any use case

Custom currencies, free-form metadata, account categories.

Scale faster

ClassPass scaled programmatic payouts to tens of thousands of studios with Ledgers.

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How it works

API primitives for you to track money at scale

Build against a robust and ergonomic REST API, designed to power any product that moves money.

Track transactions and balances as you need them: master ledgers or discrete sub-ledgers.

Use Cases

A ledger to power any money
 movement use case

A visual showing pay-ins and payouts traveling through Modern Treasury's Ledger product..

Power financial applications with an unopinionated ledger

Fintechs and marketplaces use Ledgers to launch products and services that move money.

Digital wallets

Programmatically hold balances for your users.

Card programs

Power issuing programs with a flexible ledger.

Financial products

Build lending, insurance and investing products faster.

Custom currencies

Track any currency, points, and rewards.

Get Started

Start quickly, grow flexibly, 
scale faster

Build your first ledger

  • Faster than building a system from scratch
  • Double-entry from day one
  • Dozens of best practices to build from
  • Optional ledger design support

Data integrity for the enterprise

  • Flexibility to depict any subledger structure
  • Sync with your data warehouse
  • Performance to keep up with your volume
  • Optional ledger design support

Try Modern Treasury and experience the future of money movement.

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