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Our payments platform and best-in-class developer tools move product and finance teams forward with faster payments, real-time data visibility, efficient workflows, and seamless bank integrations.

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The State of Payment Operations

Money’s Next Move

It’s 2023, and financial services are at an inflection point. It’s natural to have questions. We did too. So, Modern Treasury and Harris Poll conducted a survey where financial and product execs revealed the current issues they face while managing payment operations.

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Our Products

There's a lot more to money movement than just moving money. Our APIs automate money movement at scale, including bank integration, payments, and reconciliation, while the web app provides complete control over fund flows with approval workflows, notifications, reporting, and more.


Move money faster

We integrate directly with your bank instead of sitting in the flow of funds, so payments move 2x faster. Set up approval rules and track payments from initiation to reconciliation, with support for ACH, RTP, Wire and global payment methods through a single API and web app.

Virtual Accounts

Reconcile payments automatically

We automatically reconcile completed payments to transactions on your bank statement as they are posted and match returns and reversals to the original payment, streamlining cash reconciliation. Our Virtual Accounts product makes it easy to create and manage unique sub-accounts within your bank account to automate attributing incoming payments.


Track balances in real time

We make it easy for products that move money at scale to track balances in real time with Ledgers, a managed database optimized for high volume financial transactions that can be integrated in a few lines of code. Ledgers is immutable, idempotent, and auditable, providing a reliable source of truth for all transactions taking place in your product.


Use Cases

Use our flexible, scalable platform to move and track money however your product needs.

Automatic Payouts

Automate payouts and reconciliation at scale for multiple payment methods through a single API.

Incoming Payments

Streamline receiving and reconciling incoming payments with Virtual Accounts, automated notifications and reporting.

Direct Debits

Manage direct debits at scale with bank account verification, NSF checks and real-time payment statuses.

Cash Management

Simplify funds segregation and custody, and initiate book transfers across multiple bank accounts.

Digital Wallets

Create a digital wallet experience from scratch—issue account numbers, track balances, and initiate and receive payments.

Investing Operations

Fund investment accounts, track assets, and manage withdrawals with APIs and software.

Loan Servicing

Automate disbursals, track loan balances and instantly reconcile loan repayments to scale lending operations.

Fiat On-Ramp

Convert fiat to crypto in your app with APIs for ACH debits, withdrawals and incoming wire reconciliation.

Made for developers

Integrate Modern Treasury with REST APIs and webhooks. Our platform abstracts the complexity of bank integration, payment initiation and reconciliation, and balance tracking so that you can focus on your product.

With our APIs you can:

curl --request POST \
  --url https://app.moderntreasury.com/api/counterparties \
  -H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
  -d '{
    "name": "Kenner, Bach & Ledeen",
    "accounts": [{
      "account_type": "checking",
      "routing_details": [{
        "routing_number_type": "aba",
        "routing_number": "026009593"
      "account_details": [{
        "account_number": "123456789"

All your bank accounts in one place

Our partnerships with leading commercial banks enable us to integrate directly with their core systems, helping you manage access to bank accounts, payments, transactions, cash balances and more through a single portal and API.

Modern Treasury bank integrations

Try Modern Treasury and see how smooth payment operations can be.