Automate paymentsand accounting

Modern Treasury combines payment systems and ledgers into one platform to move finance forward.

Give your finance team peace of mind

Your finance team should be focused on growing your business, not tracking down unknown payments on your bank statement.

With deep support and banking integrations, Modern Treasury provides a platform to manage payment operations from simple payouts to customer service and accounting.

We preserve your business context and safeguard your team's time, so they can focus on what you are building.

Powerful Technology. Moving Finance Forward.

Connect with your bank

  • Authorize direct transmission to your bank accounts
  • Manage approvals of manual or API-first payments

Process transactions

  • Process ACH, wire, or check payments between internal or external accounts
  • Grant team access via online platform

Automate payments via API

  • Build internal tools with Modern Treasury features
  • Sync with third-party tools, such as Quickbooks and Netsuite

Implement business logic

  • Maintain approval requirements for all money movements
  • Add context and documents to payments for future audits

Preserve context

  • Be audit-ready with complete backup of payment
  • Review historical transactions by counterparty

Create reports easily

  • Get CSV exports for all views
  • Retrieve stored documents and data for every line item

Customize tools with the Modern Treasury RESTful API

For ease of development, Modern Treasury provides both live and test environments for end-users. Contact us with additional product requirements.

Modern Treasury for your team

Modern Treasury integrates with your bank on your business’s behalf. Connect your bank account to start processing payments with ease. Give your team the best tools that they can trust.


  • One Platform for ACH, Wire, and Check
  • Modern Payments API. No NACHA files. No SFTP
  • Full Reconciliation, Financial Controls, and Audit Logs from Day One


  • Multi-Bank Support
  • SAML Single Sign-On
  • Custom integrations with Real-Time Payments