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One Platform. Three Products. Continuously Connected.

Transform financial operations with integrated real-time data, driven by the RISE Engine.

Diagram of Modern Treasury's RISE Engine, including Payments, Reconciliation, Ledgers
RISE Engine

Bring Intelligence to Financial Data

The RISE Engine powers our platform, providing real-time intelligence to financial workflows.

Image of interlinking nodes for the Relay component of Modern Treasury's RISE Engine.


Relays data in real-time across banks, payment processors, internal systems, and more.

Image of integrated nodes for the Integrates component of Modern Treasury's RISE Engine.


Integrates data into the cloud for easy accessibility and maximum scalability.

Image of a circle with connected dots for the Structures component of Modern Treasury's RISE Engine.


Structures data based on a semantic understanding of financial transactions.

Image of nodes attached to lines for the Enhances component of Modern Treasury's RISE Engine.


Enhances workflows with AI, driving rapid learning and system resilience.

AI Suggestions and Automations

Increase the efficiency and accuracy of your financial processes with AI-assisted workflows.

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Image with "AI Assisted" ontop of a blue textured background.

Platform Features


Icon of a bank

Banks and Payment Processors

Retrieve and push data between banks, payment processors, card issuers, and more.

System of Record Icon

Systems of Record

Get and send information between ERPs and internal systems.

Deeply Connected

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Checklist icon

Approval Flows

Secure payments with easily-configured, granular, sequential approval rules.

Icon with a person for roles and permissions

Roles and Permissions

Custom roles and permissions, with full support for SCIM and SSO.

Icon with magnifying glass

Audit Trail

Complete, immutable audit logs, that support the integrity of your financial operations.

Developer Tools

Code icon

APIs, Webhooks, SDKs

Modern developer tools for easy, resilient integrations.

Mouse icon

Pre-Built UIs

Seamlessly add payment or onboarding experiences to your products.


Page with dollar sign icon


Create, send, and track invoices with built-in payment flows.

Icon with a dollar for cash management

Cash Management

Automate sweeps and get real-time visibility into your cash position.

Star icon for AI

AI Suggestions

AI-assisted match and rule suggestions for more complete and efficient reconciliation.

Exception handling icon

Exception Handling

Quickly identify and manage exceptions such as data ingest anomalies.

Business Intelligence

Graph with line going up and to the right


Advanced, easy-to-build reports that can be scheduled or pushed to custom locations.

Bell icon for alerts


Automated and custom alerts for faster payments, ledgering, and reconciliation.

Payments icon


Comprehensive infrastructure to orchestrate bank payments at scale.

Reconciliation icon


Leverage AI and reconcile 100% of transactions faster with a self-learning system.

Ledgers icon


Track money or any store of value in an accurate, scalable database.

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