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Payment operations software for any use case

Modern Treasury helps companies of all sizes move money with confidence.

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Financial Services

Reliable payments infrastructure for the next generation of financial services

Modern financial services products need reliable infrastructure to power seamless payment experiences for millions of users. Companies like Pipe and Revolut use Modern Treasury because its scalable platform lets them automate money movement through multiple payment methods, bank accounts and currencies.

Use Cases

  • Lending and invoice factoring
  • Neobanks and retail investing apps
  • Accounts payable and receivable software
“Our CTO took it upon himself to test Modern Treasury using the public API documentation and he was able to build a basic integration in an afternoon.”
Photo of Lukas Wagner
Lukas WagnerCFO of Pipe

Complete control over payments for the modern marketplace

Marketplaces need to move money between buyers and sellers quickly, track user balances, and resolve payment issues. With direct bank account integrations that speed up payment settlement and a double-entry ledgers API to record money movement, Modern Treasury gives companies like Outdoorsy and ClassPass complete control over high volume payment flows on their platforms.

Use Cases

  • Vendor payouts
  • Peer-to-peer payments
  • Balance tracking for loyalty and rewards programs
“The faster transit times have allowed us to store and move all funds through our master account, which has improved our relationship with our bank.”
Photo of Tyler Stillwater
Tyler StillwaterLead Developer at Outdoorsy

Reporting and workflows for real-time visibility into healthcare payments

Payments in healthcare have complex fund flows requiring custom payment approval rules, audit logs and segregation of funds between different bank accounts. Companies like Sana, Cherry and Heron Therapeutics use Modern Treasury’s APIs, reporting and workflow tools to make it easy to monitor complex fund flows in real time.

Use Cases

  • Bill payments
  • Point of sale financing for medical procedures
  • Health insurance premium collection and claims management
“I'm in the Modern Treasury app just about every day. It's where my team and I ensure the business is running just as expected.”
Photo of Paul Dreyer
Paul DreyerHead of Business Operations at Sana
Real Estate

Flexible APIs to build custom payment experiences for real estate applications

Real Estate software products need to manage a variety of payment flows with high average transaction sizes over different payment methods. Modern Treasury provides flexible payment APIs, support for multiple payment methods and virtual accounts so that companies like Side, Haus and Kopa can build and manage payment experiences tailored to their use case.

Use Cases

  • Online brokerages
  • Property management
  • Real estate funds and investment platforms
“Our integration works very well. It's actually very infrequent that I have any problems. But if I do, I know I can reach out to you guys. So it's just been incredible.”
Photo of Keith Williams
Keith WilliamsCTO at Kopa

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