Security Practices

Our customers entrust us with sensitive financial data, and we take that role seriously.

Granular access controls, API-wide encryption, stringent certifications and organizational measures make Modern Treasury a safe partner to move and track money with.

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Organizational Security

Modern Treasury has developed a comprehensive set of security policies, which are shared with and made available to all employees and contractors with access to Modern Treasury systems.

  • All of our employees are subject to annual security awareness training and mandatory background checks;
  • Our employees use Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) for all access to internal or external services, including physical security keys;
  • Access control to the application is based on roles and is fully auditable, with timely granting and revoking of employee access privileges;
  • All our employee workstations are powered with next-gen antivirus and endpoint detection and response systems.

Governance, Risk, Compliance, and Privacy

  • We perform annual audits for SOC 1 and SOC 2 compliance. Our SOC reports and security documentation are available via our Trust Report Portal.
  • We help customers comply with data processing regulations such as GDPR, CCPA, and CPRA by providing them with Data Processing Addendums (DPA);
  • Modern Treasury leverages a leading automated security and compliance platform to stay compliant by continuously monitoring our employees, systems, and tools to improve security posture.

Product Security

Access Control

  • Granular user roles allow admins to control access scope tightly and minimize the risk of human error and bad actors;
  • Detailed audit logs allow actions in the platform to be traced back to individual users and API keys, assuring accountability for all events;
  • Platform-wide support for SAML, supported by Auth0, allows customers to leverage existing single sign-on mechanisms;
  • Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) allows customers to further secure the authentication process.

Encryption and Authentication

  • Strong encryption in transit (β‰₯TLS 1.2) and at rest (β‰₯AES 256 bit);
  • Authentication and authorization for customer integrations can happen both via SAML or API keys.

Application Security

API Security

  • HTTPS coupled with industry-standard ciphers makes API traffic secure point-to-point;
  • API keys can be generated with granular permissions and are stored with multiple layers of encryption. Customers have a robust UI and API interface to audit and disable such keys. API keys and other encrypted components never leave the AWS key store;
  • IP allowlisting and traffic rate limiting prevent API misuse;
  • We regularly perform third-party penetration testing with industry-leading providers;
  • Our Web Application Firewall (WAF) blocks common attacks, including the OWASP Top Ten.

Secure SDLC (Software Development Lifecycle)

  • We perform comprehensive scanning in our application development, including static application security testing (SAST), dynamic application security testing (DAST), and software composition analysis (SCA);
  • We maintain a stringent change management system to ensure code quality, accountability, and separation of duties.

Bug Bounty

Modern Treasury operates a vulnerability discovery rewards program with HackerOne. If you believe you have discovered a vulnerability or would like to participate in our rewards program, please reach out to

Infrastructure and Security Operations

  • Modern Treasury data is continuously backed up in multiple geographic regions to ensure always-on operational continuity.
  • We avoid misconfigurations and weak security configs by applying industry-standard system hardening and top security practices (such as CIS AWS Level 1) to our production systems;
  • We deploy IDS (Intrusion Detection System) across our entire cloud footprint to quickly receive alerts about potentially malicious activity and data exfiltration;
  • We use industry-standard scanners to ensure our infrastructure, inclusive of customer-facing and backend systems, internal tooling, and resources are securely configured;
  • Modern Treasury employee access to production is provisioned according to the Principle of Least Privilege. Elevated permissions are granted on a per-user basis, tightly scoped, and automatically revoked after use by Privileged Access Management (PAM) software;
  • All infrastructure changes are vetted through detailed change controls that ensure updates are thoroughly reviewed, scanned for security issues, tested, formally approved, logged, and audited;
  • We continuously monitor public information for new vulnerabilities, threat actors, and signs of compromise;
  • We dedicate a team of on-call engineers and security operations personnel for immediate response;
  • We continuously monitor our infrastructure for vulnerabilities to ensure quick discovery and remediation.

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