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Checklist for FedNow Readiness

The launch of FedNow is fast approaching. Will your business be ready? From business strategy and bank scoping to operational readiness, tech specs, and security planning, download our FedNow checklist below to get started today.

Here's what you'll learn

Getting started with FedNow

Think through how your business can work with FedNow and what the potential benefits might be.

FedNow and banks

Not all banks will support FedNow when it launches. Learn how to find which bank partners support FedNow and how to approach them.

Implementing FedNow

Think through where FedNow payments should sit in your existing funds flow and understand what it takes to build a homegrown integration.

Planning for the future

Explore the fraud and compliance requirements associated with FedNow and how to ensure that your FedNow flows will operate smoothly at scale.

Learn more about Modern Treasury

Our solutions for ledgers, payments, and compliance are trusted by some of today’s biggest and most ambitious companies. Reach out to our team to learn how Modern Treasury can help.

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