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Dimitri Dadiomov, Founder & CEO of Modern Treasury: Building Payment Operations

Andrew Janssens hosts Dimitri Dadiomov, Founder & CEO of Modern Treasury.

In this episode we cover topics including:

  • Dimitri and Modern Treasury's Y combinator journey
  • Building a culture at a new company
  • Dimitri's outlook on Real-Time Payments
  • Modern Treasury's reverse interview of Acquired
  • And much, much more!

About Dimitri Dadiomov

Dimitri founded Modern Treasury in 2018 alongside his co-founders, Matt Marcus and Sam Arons. Prior to Modern Treasury Dimitri was a Principal PM at LendingHome (formerly Kiavi) responsible for building payment operations.

About Modern Treasury

Modern Treasury is building payment operations solutions to automate the full cycle of money movement and help businesses to implement real-time payments and close their books with continuous accounting.

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