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Press Release

Modern Treasury Announces Reconciliation Engine to Drive Greater Efficiency and Financial Transparency for Companies

Enhanced offering automates reconciliation across banks and third-party credit card processors

Las Vegas, April 17, 2023: Nacha Smarter Faster Payments 2023 - Modern Treasury, the operating system for the new era of payments, today announced its expanded Reconciliation Engine, which automates and simplifies end-to-end cash reconciliation for businesses. This enhanced offering drives speed and efficiency, accelerates growth, reduces financial risk, and provides real-time insight into payment flows by enabling businesses to track and confirm their transactions as they happen.

Today, many businesses struggle with financial reconciliation, which involves mapping a business’s intended payments against corresponding cash movement at banks and processors to track and confirm payment statuses. Businesses often manually reconcile transactions, which is error-prone and difficult to scale. Alternatively, some businesses build homegrown, internal tools that can be insufficient and unreliable.

These options increase financial exposure because businesses lack real-time and complete insight into their finances at any given moment; they also introduce operational costs and bottlenecks—pain points that Modern Treasury’s Reconciliation Engine solves.

“Using Modern Treasury’s Reconciliation Engine, finance and treasury teams have the ability to run their operations more effectively, efficiently, and with real-time visibility and control,” says Matt Marcus, co-founder, and Chief Product Officer of Modern Treasury. “This is the first in a series of offerings we’ll be delivering over the coming months to extend the Modern Treasury operating system to help companies achieve efficient financial workflows, full data visibility, and seamless data integrations.”

Modern Treasury’s Reconciliation Engine is targeted toward businesses with high volume, complex funds flows, such as lenders, insurance companies, payroll providers, software companies, healthcare and HSA providers, investment platforms, and marketplaces. Capabilities include:

  • Financial Institution + Processor Integrations—Modern Treasury has expanded integrations by adding support for third-party payment processors such as WorldPay,, Adyen, Braintree, Wise, and more. With these integrations, alongside a growing network of 20+ bank partners, Modern Treasury cleanses and enriches payments data across any processing partner and payment method, including cards, ACH, wire, check, RTP, the upcoming FedNow payment rail, and more.
  • Automated Reconciliation— The Reconciliation Engine programmatically accesses payments data via partner integrations with banks and processors. Modern Treasury also accepts client business data, including receivables, invoices, and payables, via pre-built data ingestion tools. With both data sources, the Reconciliation Engine uses proprietary machine learning and AI models to enrich the data, normalize it, and reconcile it to automate financial processes.
  • Cash & Reconciliation Dashboard—The Reconciliation Engine incorporates new dashboard capabilities, including case management and exception handling, and cash monitoring, to help finance teams manage operations with a single, real-time source of truth for all money movement.

To learn more about automating your reconciliation processes, please visit the Modern Treasury website here or stop by booth 339 at Nacha Smarter Faster Payments 2023 in Las Vegas on April 16-19.

About Modern Treasury

Modern Treasury is the operating system for the new era of payments, helping companies unlock growth, enhance customer experiences, and drive efficiency. The payment operations platform and best-in-class developer tools move companies forward with faster payments, effective workflows, full data visibility, and seamless bank integrations. Founded in 2018, San Francisco-based Modern Treasury serves leading companies across broad sectors of the economy like ClassPass, Gusto, Marqeta, Procore, Navan, and more, and is backed by investors Altimeter Capital, Benchmark, and Y Combinator.

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