The State of Payment Operations

It’s 2022, and financial services are at an inflection point: A bear market. Embedded payments everywhere. FedNow on the horizon.

How will our accounting team keep up with this faster pace?
How do 24-hour operations work?
Is our processor equipped to handle real-time payments?

That means your company needs to enable faster money movement in an efficient and economic way. It’s natural to have questions.

If real-time payments are irreversible, what about fraud?
What kinds of data can we get out of this?

So we asked a few of our own.

To create this report, Modern Treasury drew upon our unique viewpoint into payment operations along with new data from an online survey conducted by The Harris Poll.


What are payment operations?


An umbrella term that refers to the entire lifecycle of money movement for a company.

Initiating payments
Setting up approval processes
Tracking and attributing sent and received funds
Resolving payment failures and returns
Reconciling transactions to bank statements
Booking payments to the general ledger
Regulation compliance at each step

RTP and FedNow are creating a sea change in payments; make sure your payment operations are ready.



of financial decision makers plan to invest in payment operations in the next 12–18 months


of respondents at the C-suite level plan to invest in payment operations in the next 12–18 months


of financial decision makers said they would experience benefits if their company had automated, faster payment operations


reported facing problems with their payments system


of financial leaders agree that managing payments takes too long from start to finish


said that payments take longer to post than their purported timelines


decision makers said that up to half of their payment operations processes are still manual


of respondents use a third-party processor (TPP) which can result in further delays


of respondents said that improving payment operations was a priority for their company


reported facing barriers to upgrading their company’s payment operations

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