Modern Treasury for Title and Escrow

Payments Transformation is Business Transformation

Modernize your earnest money deposit, closing costs, and down payment workflows.

The Payments Partner of Choice for Title and Escrow

Reduce Operating Costs

Streamline backend financial systems and programmatically move money across banks, payment processors, and systems of record via a single API.

Gain Faster Access to Funds

Implement modern payment rails like same-day ACH, FedNow, and RTP to enable faster settlement and quicker access to funds.

Minimize Wire Fraud

Integrate "Request for Pay" (RFP) functionality into earnest money deposit, closing costs, and downpayment workflows for a safer alternative to wire fund transfers.

Deliver a Better Customer Experience

Deliver a better real estate purchase experience by enabling your customers to submit deposits and payments 24/7/365 using faster payment rails.

Verify Bank Accounts Instantly

Verify ownership and access to customer bank accounts via instant microdeposits, ensuring secure and confident money transfers.

Future-Proof Operations

Adopt cutting-edge technologies such as faster payment rails and AI-powered solutions to stay competitive in an evolving title and escrow market landscape.

“Through [modern payment rails like ACH, RTP, and FedNow], we’re going to be able to further enhance our fraud prevention. And by moving to more secure payment rails, it’s going to be that much better of a transaction both internally and for the customer. Finally, the whole cost structure of modern payment rails is so much more economical than wire transfers or cutting a check.”

Brian Glaze • Chief Accounting Officer at Stewart Title
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For Finance Teams

Reconciliation Engine

AI-assisted reconciliation to support the most complex reconciliation scenarios, leading to faster and more precise results.

For Product Teams

Payments Platform

Comprehensive infrastructure to orchestrate bank payments at scale.

For Engineering Teams

Ledger Database

Track money or any store of value in an accurate, scalable database.

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