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The operating system for the new era of payments

Move, Track, and Reconcile Money in Real-Time

Essential infrastructure for automatic reconciliation, faster payments, and real-time financial data.

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Reliable, Secure Payment Operations

How Companies Use Modern Treasury

Whether your business is new to hyperscale or a generational company, Modern Treasury is the partner of choice in the new era of payments.

Navan reimagined expense management

C2FO increased revenue by entering the flow of funds

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DriveWealth unlocked real-time reconciliation

Real-Time Reconciliation Made Easy

Gain full visibility on money movement with continuous reconciliation.

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For Modern Finance Teams

Real-Time Reconciliation

Automate reconciliation, quickly resolve exceptions, and support complex use cases on a workstation built for forward-looking finance teams.

For Global Companies

International Coverage

Implement RTP and FedNow, payout in 50+ currencies and orchestrate payments across North America, Europe, the UK, and Australia.

For Real-Time Financial Data

A Central Source of Truth

Centralize your transactions and balances in a performant database. Manage it all in a unified workstation.

Engineered for Scale

Reliable, Fast, Accurate Payments

Compute headroom, healthy integrations, and complete observability: our customers move money in real time without sacrificing reliability.


Redundant infrastructure to ensure delivery of payments at all times.

High Throughput

Capacity to keep up with your volume requirements.

Resilient Integrations

High throughput data ingestion and granular reporting for continued performance.

A Trusted Partner

Robust Controls, Secure Connections

Granular permissions, robust approval features, bank connection fingerprinting: everything enterprises need to move money safely at scale.


Resources for payments and finance leaders everywhere

Try Modern Treasury and experience the future of money movement.

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