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How to Scale a Ledger

From making the case for investment to the key attributes of best-in-class ledgers, Modern Treasury's technical whitepaper, "How to Scale a Ledger" is a must-read for any business that moves money.

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A well-designed ledger is foundational for any company that moves money. Learn how to build a central source of truth that scales consistently with this must-read whitepaper for developers and PMs building services that move money. Here's what you'll learn:

  • Ledgers in the fintech stack: Learn how to handle double-entry and enforce immutability when centralizing your financial data in a single data store.
  • Accounts, transactions, and entries: Explore how these core objects can represent any financial events in any use case – from credit card authorization to crypto on-ramp.
  • Recording vs authorization: Learn how to instrument the two most common use-cases for a ledger: recording and approving or denying money movement.
  • The four guarantees of ledgers: Discover the four key guarantees of best-in-class ledger databases and why each of them is crucial for scaling your payment operations.

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