Modern Treasury for Benefits Administration

Transform Your Payment Systems

Automate manual processes, transform financial workflows, and drive new revenue.

The Payments Partner of Choice for Benefits Administration

Automate Manual Processes

Programmatically move and reconcile money across banks, payment processors, and systems of record, reducing operational overhead and improving efficiency.

Launch New Business Lines

Get new business lines to market faster and achieve data integrity with a scalable and performant double-entry ledger database.

Drive Revenue

Deliver a better user experience by automating and reconciling payment transactions precisely, continuously, and adaptively.

“Modern Treasury has been a true thought partner, helping us leverage best practices to accelerate the launch of our new reconciliation platform. Automating reconciliation across our business will drive efficiency and unlock new opportunities for growth, and we look forward to our continued partnership with Modern Treasury as we work together to transform our payment systems.”

Dan Brames • Chief Payments Officer at Alegeus
Hear how Alegeus is Transforming their Payment Operations

Modern Financial Infrastructure for Benefits Administration

Faster Customer and Vendor Payouts

Unlock faster payouts with same-day ACH and instant payments with RTP and FedNow.

Seamless Reconciliation

Automate the reconciliation of complex transactions at scale.

Operational Efficiency

Reduce manual processes by automating payment operations, freeing up time and increasing productivity.

Payments Orchestration

Automate complex payments across 30+ banks and 20+ payment rails including ACH, wires, checks, and RTP.

Clear Audit Trails

Receive end-to-end insight on a transaction’s history.

AI-Powered Workflows

Increase the efficiency and accuracy of your financial processes with AI suggestions and automations.

For Finance Teams

Reconciliation Engine

Leverage our real-time, item-level, and AI-assisted reconciliation engine to reach $0 variance and get to 100% reconciled with our exception handling and reconciliation rules.

For Product Teams

Payments Platform

Manage the complexity of your payment operations across all bank partners with a single API that is built to automate initiation, tracking, and reconciliation of high dollar volumes.

For Engineering Teams

Ledger Database

Track and surface relevant balances via a single source of truth for transaction history, user balances, payout decision, authorization workflows, and the overall cash flowing through a product.

Try Modern Treasury and see how smooth money movement can be

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