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Modern Treasury for Payroll Companies

Innovate Faster

Leverage modern bank integrations, automate reconciliation, and create new payment flows with RTP and FedNow.

Why Payroll Companies Use Modern Treasury

Orchestrate. Automate. Scale.

Build on Resilient Infrastructure

Reduce risk with better integrations to global banks.

Provide Early Access to Funds

Leverage RTP and FedNow in your platform.

Minimize Risks and Write-offs

Seamlessly match and ledger transactions as they happen.

Unlock New Revenue

Launch new features faster with a modern API.

Use Cases

The Payment Operations Platform for Modern Payroll

Real-Time Payouts

Payout immediately with RTP and FedNow.

Fund Collection

Collect payroll funds via ACH, wires, RTP, and FedNow.

Ledgering Balances

Track expense balances in a double-entry database.

Real-Time Reconciliation

Match financial datasets from bank and non-bank sources.

New Payroll Products

Build new product experiences with an unopinionated API.

Bank Integrations

Integrate with global bank partners quickly.

Incoming Fund Attribution

Give employers and employees real-time status on payments.

Data Integrations

Consolidate payments data in your warehouse of choice.

Explore our products

Everything Modern Payroll Companies Need to Innovate

Payments Platform

Move money via ACH, wires, RTP and FedNow with a single API.

Ledger Database

Track balances at scale with a performant double-entry database.

Reconciliation Engine

Automate complex reconciliation and inform money movement in real time.

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