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Las Vegas • October 22–25, 2023

Join Modern Treasury at Money20/20

Join us in person at Booth #10003 to see how Modern Treasury can help with your payments infrastructure.

Meet us at Money20/20

Book time to stop by Booth #10003 and see how Modern Treasury’s suite of APIs move finance and product teams forward with faster payments, automatic reconciliation, and real-time financial data. Our payment experts will be on hand to answer any questions you may have about reconciliation, multi-banking, and global payments. We hope to see you at the show!

Speaking at Money20/20

Get in on the discussion

Modern Treasury will be featured in presentations and panels throughout the conference.

Building for Developers in 2023: AI & Beyond

Date: Tuesday, October 24th

Time: 11:45 am

Room: The Black Box Stage, Money Hall

Join Modern Treasury Co-founder and CEO, Dimitri Dadiomov, on a panel with Benchmark GP, Chetan Puttagunta, and Stytch Co-founder and CTO, Julianna Lamb. This conversation will delve into building products for developers and how AI / ML is changing the landscape for developer adoption of new technology from startups.

Modern Payment Operations with Modern Treasury

Date: Sunday, October 22nd

Time: 2:20 - 2:27 pm

Room: San Polo, Level 3

In this demo, Duncan Graham, Head of Design, will walk through how a company could use Modern Treasury to automate and scale payment initiation, reconciliation, and ledgering.

Futures Bet: Payments in Online Gaming in 10 Years

Date: Tuesday, October 24th

Time: 1:30 - 2:10 pm

Room: Converge Stage, Money Hall

Featuring Modern Treasury's Molly Fischer, Richard Barbieri of BetMGM, Drew Edmond of Glenbrook Partners, Aditya Iyer of FanDuel, and Zach Levine of Checkout, this panel explores how the online gaming industry has evolved, what makes it different from traditional e-commerce merchants, how service providers are solving key challenges, and the major trends that will affect the industry in the coming years.

Emerging Payments: Science Fiction or Tomorrow's Expectation?

Date: Monday, October 23rd

Time: 3:35 - 4:05 pm

Room: Converge Stage, Money Hall

Imagine this: At the local market, a scanner tallies your items and then accesses your digital wallet to pay. All you do is push your cart through. A panel featuring Modern Treasury's Ani Narayan, Debbie Smart of Q2, Ahon Sarkar of Q2, and Elena Whisler of The Clearing House will present a primer on embedded payment experiences, how emerging payments offer more choices, and why they provide a smoother user experience.

Can Compliance be a Competitive Advantage?

Date: Monday, October 23rd

Time: 2:15 - 2:55 pm

Room: Under The Stars, Money Hall

Recent events have also shown how key it is to work closely with regulator by considering compliance at the outset of product design and user experience. Join Modern Treasury's Nick Farrow, Nicole Booth of Evolve, Gizelle Barany from Alloy, and Adam Shapiro of Klaros Group for a discussion on embracing regulation, creating solid foundations, and keeping UX/CX central in order to build customer trust.

The State of Payment of Operations 2023

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