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Unlock Embedded Payments with Goldman Sachs TxB and Modern Treasury

Combine Modern Treasury’s payments operations platform with Goldman Sachs' TxB platform to launch payments products faster.

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Modern Infrastructure for Embedded Payments

Our partnership with Goldman Sachs Transaction Banking helps companies add payments to their products without the technical, operational, and compliance hurdles.

Onboard and verify users with pre-built workflows and compliance tools

Send, receive, and reconcile payments across ACH, wire, RTP, and more

Track payments and platform activity with dashboards and webhooks

Sync reconciled transactions directly with your ERP and accounting software

“With the help of both Goldman Sachs and Modern Treasury, our payment operations now support timely reconciliation of investor payments, and an integrated workflow to identify and resolve payment exceptions as they arise.”

Nigel Glenday, Chief Financial Officer, Masterworks

How it Works

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1. Link your Goldman Sachs TxB account with Modern Treasury

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2. Configure your bank accounts, counterparty information, and payment methods

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3. Initiate payments through Goldman Sachs TxB via Modern Treasury’s API or web dashboard

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4. Payments are automatically reconciled to transactions as they post

“Embedding payments into software products are increasingly the trajectory of commerce, and by partnering with Modern Treasury, we are seizing this opportunity to drive new business by jointly targeting companies building payments into their platforms.”

Eduardo Vergara, Global Head of Transaction Banking Product and Sales, Goldman Sachs

Partnership Features

Instant Integration

Connect with Goldman Sachs TxB without the Heavy Lifting

  • Build seamlessly with advanced developer tooling and error handling
  • Test and refine payment workflows in our secure sandbox environment
  • Move money in days vs weeks with our pre-built Goldman Sachs TxB integration

A Single Platform for Modern Money Movement

  • Initiate payments across multiple payment types with a single API
  • Track payments with webhooks and match to the correct transaction
  • Enrich transactions with categories, invoices, and metadata for visibility and attribution
Controls and Visibility

An Integrated Workstation to Manage your Money Movement

  • Record transactions and balances in real-time in an immutable, financial database
  • Track payment activity, monitor cash balances, and pull metrics and performance reports
  • Configure roles with access controls and permissions. Create rules for payment routing and approvals

Software Workflows to Simplify your Operations

  • Onboard users with pre-built counterparty and compliance workflows
  • Automatically reconcile outgoing payments and incoming receivables as they post
  • Streamline bookkeeping with ERP and accounting software integrations

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