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Tech Talk: Building a Central Ledger

Learn how to build digital wallets, closed loop payment products, and increase visibility with a central source of truth.

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Many modern companies recognize the role of a central ledger to unlock new products and drive efficiency in their system. In this conversation, Koji Murase, Product Manager, and Matt McNierney, Engineering Manager, discuss how companies are innovating in payments with a central ledger.

We cover:

  • Using a ledger to build closed loop payment systems
  • Spinning out digital wallet products
  • The role of a ledger in reconciliation
  • Why a central system of record is better than many

This is a technical deep dive for product, engineering and finance managers building payment systems.

Image of Koji Murase
Koji Murase
Modern Treasury
Image of Matt McNierney
Matt McNierney
Modern Treasury
Image of Chris Frakes
Chris Frakes
Modern Treasury

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