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When compared to third party senders, integrating into your corporate bank account is the best option. Here's why.
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Latest from the Journal
Routing Number API

We've released a new feature that allows customers to verify routing numbers using a new API endpoint.

Payments Primers
Complying with NACHA's New WEB Debit Rule

On March 19, NACHA made effective a new rule which strengthens the requirements for originators of WEB debits. In an attempt to curtail fraud, the rule requires companies to validate new accounts. Though it won't be enforced for a year, it's important to know about the rule change so your company can remain compliant.

Announcing Support for ACH Prenotes

Modern Treasury now supports sending ACH prenotes as a way to validate account and routing information.

Payments Primers
What is Double-Entry Accounting?

When maintaining your books, there are a number of accounting methods you can use to keep track of your company’s financial information. One of them is double-entry accounting. What is it, and when should it be used?

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