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Instant Bank Payments: The Promise of a Faster Future

What happens when instant, reliable, and cost-effective bank-to-bank payments infrastructure becomes widely available? How will it impact the way fintech products are built in the US? Join leaders from Modern Treasury, Parafin, and J.P. Morgan for a panel discussion on the next chapter of payments technology.

Faster payments abroad and in the US

Explore why the US has lagged behind in faster payment technology and what we can learn from foreign payments systems like UPI and Pix.

Highest impact use cases for faster payments

Discover which faster payments use cases our experts are most excited to see and the advantages awaiting early adopters.

Faster payments in action

Learn how Parafin partners with Modern Treasury to leverage Real-Time Payments in its mission to empower small businesses with growth capital.

A Modern End-to-End Payment Operations Platform

Modern Treasury’s payment operations platform and flexible APIs enable you to add money movement and tracking to your products without the heavy lifting.

Learn more about payment operations