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How it works

One tool for the complete lifecycle of payments

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How It Works

Connect. Move. Track. Automate.Β 
Modern Treasury is the fastest and easiest way to manage payments at scale with your bank account.


Connect your bank account

Modern Treasury is a software layer that sits on top of your bank account, giving you a single, centralized integration for multiple bank accounts and payment methods.

Connect to your bank account

Move money faster and easier

Send and receive payments with ACH, Wire, Check, and more. Build high volume payment flows using the API or initiate one-off payments by hand in the web dashboard.

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Track payments with tight controls and better visibility

Create approval rules and trigger webhooks to control your payments, then track their status in real time, from a single transaction to flows spanning your entire business.

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Automate and scale smoothly

Scale your payment operations by automating the entire lifecycle of money movement, from initiation, through automatic reconciliation, to end of month accounting.

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How It Works

One system, many teams.

Our App and API work from the same data, allowing you to create complex workflows.

  • Initiate a payment via API
  • Approve the payment in the web app
  • Dispatch a notification via the API
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Try Modern Treasury and see how smooth payment operations can be.