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Podcast|||November 22, 2022

Dimitri Dadiomov: Your TAM is Just the Beginning

Auren Hoffman hosts Dimitri Dadiomov for the World of DaaS podcast.

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Dimitri Dadiomov is the co-founder and CEO of Modern Treasury, a payment operations software company valued at over $2 billion.

Auren and Dimitri discuss the future of crypto payments, innovation (or lack thereof) in the massive B2B payments space, and what Dimitri expects to change as more instant payment services come on line in the next few years.

They also dive into culture and break down how Dimitri was able to gain traction and scale Modern Treasury to a $2 billion valuation in less than four years.

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You can find Auren Hoffman on Twitter at @auren and Dimitri on Twitter at @dadiomov.




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