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A Complete Primer on FedNow

Read our eBook to discover everything you need to know about FedNow—from launch plans and use cases to costs and benefits.

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As the United States' first new payment rail since the early 70s, FedNow is poised to unlock the massive potential of 24/7, instant bank payments for financial institutions across the country. Get up-to-speed on the costs, benefits, launch dates, and use cases with our comprehensive eBook. Here's what you'll learn:

  • Impacts: From lower costs to big benefits, learn why FedNow is seen as a groundbreaking update to the payments landscape in the United States.
  • Use cases: Discover the most compelling use cases for FedNow, including B2B and B2C payments, as well as consumer and government applications.
  • How it works: Explore the underlying mechanics that allow FedNow to function 24/7/365, as well as how it differs from existing payment rails like ACH and RTP.
  • Preparation: Understand the best ways to prepare your business for FedNow - from strategy and partnerships to implementation and fraud prevention.

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