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A Complete Primer on FedNow

Read our eBook to discover everything you need to know about FedNow—from launch plans and use cases to costs and benefits.

As the United States' first new payment rail since the early 70s, FedNow is poised to unlock the massive potential of 24/7, instant bank payments for financial institutions across the country. Get up-to-speed on the costs, benefits, launch dates, and use cases with our comprehensive eBook. Here's what you'll learn:

  • Impacts: From lower costs to big benefits, learn why FedNow is seen as a groundbreaking update to the payments landscape in the United States.
  • Use cases: Discover the most compelling use cases for FedNow, including B2B and B2C payments, as well as consumer and government applications.
  • How it works: Explore the underlying mechanics that allow FedNow to function 24/7/365, as well as how it differs from existing payment rails like ACH and RTP.
  • Preparation: Understand the best ways to prepare your business for FedNow - from strategy and partnerships to implementation and fraud prevention.

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