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Money Movement, Uninterrupted

Future-proof payment operations by building redundancy into your bank integrations. Easily support 20+ banks in a unified operating system.

Illustration of Modern Treasury connecting to multiple banks
Resiliency Matters

Your customers depend on you.
You depend on your bank partners.

Modern Treasury is an independent software layer that allows you to scale payments with multiple banks, accounts, and rails.

Power programmatic payments

Leverage a single integration for ACH, wires, RTP, and global rails accross banks. Integrate once, go-live, and seamlessly switch to new banks.

Connect data with a bank-agnostic ledger

Centralize transactions from multiple banks to unlock a unified view of your funds in a single source of truth.

Automate reconciliation

Use our reconciliation engine to unlock real-time visibility on payment statuses, be notified of new payment events, and reconcile incoming and outgoing transfers at scale.

Work with your existing banks

Integrate with your pre-existing banks directly, or use one of our 20+ partners through an agnostic platform that does not sit in the flow of funds.


“Building to the Modern Treasury APIs vs. directly to one bank has allowed us to maintain a multi-bank strategy that provides resiliency during times of stress. Just by changing a few lines of code we can redirect our programmatic payments to ensure our business and customers remain unaffected.”

John Quine · Head of Accounting at Parafin

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Why invest in bank redundancy

Build resilience in your payments infrastructure

Companies use Modern Treasury to future-proof bank integrations and payment workflows.


Upgrade the reliability of your payment systems and unlock scale by working with global banking partners.


Ensure uninterrupted service coverage across rails and geographies as you scale pay-ins and payouts.

Fortune 2000

Reduce treasury risk by diversifying your bank footprint, maximizing visibility across banks, and avoiding lock-in.

Financial Services

Insulate your operation from banking risk and ensure liquidity for investors, lenders, and other key stakeholders.

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