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June Changelog

We now support PacWest Bank and our Continuous Accounting platform integrates with NetSuite. Here are a few additional changes that we released.

Stephane YoungEngineering

June was a busy month for us at Modern Treasury. We now support PacWest Bank and our Continuous Accounting platform integrates with NetSuite. Here are a few additional changes that we released.

Webhook Endpoint Event Customization

Modern Treasury supports a webhook API which allows you to be notified about events in our platform. Previously, every event that occurred in Modern Treasury was sent to every webhook endpoint that had been configured.

The lack of configuration meant that our customers could potentially receive a large number of events over short periods of time that weren’t being used by their systems. In cases like these, our customers had to write code to ignore these events. Our customers asked for the ability to configure which events are sent to their webhook endpoints. That way, users could be more granular about how they set up their webhook infrastructure, requiring less work for their developers.

When creating a new webhook endpoint, you will now see an option to select which events the endpoint will receive.

If you choose to select individual events, you will be presented with a list of all events Modern Treasury is currently sending to webhook endpoints.

After creating a webhook endpoint, you will also be able to see what events have been configured.

If the endpoint is configured to receive all events, the endpoint page will reflect this as well.

Add Metadata to External Accounts and Internal Accounts

We have added support for attaching metadata to External Accounts and Internal Accounts. Most Modern Treasury resources already support including metadata so users can reference, lookup, and filter objects based on custom attributes. As an example, organizations whose counterparties have multiple external accounts for different purposes can use metadata to distinguish between them. Read the Account API docs to learn more.

New Navigation in Application

We redesigned the navigation to be easier to use. Prior to the change, all navigation links were listed out without any hierarchy or organization. We grouped links together into logical sections to make things easier to find and also added icons to make them more recognizable.

Here are the old and new navigation bars:

The links remained mostly the same, the only change is renaming “Transactions” to “Bank Statements.” The “Bank Statements” link can now be found under the Reconciliation section.


If you're interested in getting a demo of any of these new features, please let us know.

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