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Virtual Accounts

Scaling Incoming Payments Has Never Been Easier

Create and manage virtual accounts to streamline 
incoming payment attribution

Virtual Accounts

Reliable reconciliation of incoming payments

Create and assign virtual accounts programmatically

Issue virtual accounts to users, invoices, or other entities with the Virtual Accounts API.

Access detailed context for every payment received

Each transaction includes the necessary data for accurate reconciliation—from virtual account numbers to transaction codes.

Manage payment returns easily

Create and reconcile returns against payments received using the API or web app.

Leverage one unified API

Route payments into virtual accounts via ACH, Wire, and RTP through a single integration.


automated reconciliation and scaled their investment platform using Modern Treasury.

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Scaling Incoming Payments

Embed financial services in your app

Automatic reconciliation of inbound funds

Assign a virtual account to each external counterparty and streamline reconciliation of incoming funds.

Improved visibility

Link Virtual Accounts to Ledgers for a full history of transactions and balances.

Workflows and webhooks

Receive notifications in real-time as payments are made.

Managing FBO Accounts

Manage funds on behalf of customers

Create and manage FBOs

For Benefit Of (FBO) accounts allow companies to manage funds on behalf of their customers within a single account.

Sync Virtual Accounts with FBOs

Issue unique virtual account numbers within FBO accounts to attribute incoming and outgoing payments and returns.

Enhance visibility on FBO accounts

Payments are published to the web app in real-time, unlocking full transaction history within FBO accounts.

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