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Add Expected Payments Support

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Matt MarcusCPO

We're happy to announce the release of Expected Payments.

Our vision is to help businesses automate payments and transaction reconciliation. Until now, we've supported full reconciliation of Payment Orders, Returns, and Paper Items to your Transactions.

Now we can share Expected Payments. This is meant for companies that expect a high volume of transactions *that they did not initiate themselves*. These payments may be an inbound wire from an investor, a deposit from Stripe, or a charge from a software vendor like Emburse. Today, companies sift through a backlog of transactions to manually record what these transactions were after the fact.

Expected Payments flips this paradigm by enabling you to tell us about transactions *before* they occur. When transactions occur, we intelligently match transactions to your expected payments. We are able to do this based on what you tell us about the payment you expect: the amount, the memo/OBI, your counterparty's name, etc.

By using Expected Payments, you can maintain all the context around your bank transactions. And when an expected payment is matched, you will receive a webhook, enabling you to build your own application's workflows.

Check out the Getting Started Guide to learn how to start building with Expected Payments.

For more, head over to ourย complete APIย documentation.

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