July Changelog

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This post highlights some of the improvements we shipped to our platform this month.

Secure Access to External Account Numbers

You can now unmask and view account numbers on external accounts in Modern Treasury. Previously, it was impossible to view the account number for a counterparty’s external account. Our platform will automatically record an action on the audit trail every time an account number is viewed.

Clicking "Show" will reveal the Account Number.

Internal Account Settings Page

We’ve added a new section under Settings for viewing the information about your internal accounts. The main page lists all the bank accounts that you have linked to Modern Treasury.

A list of your internal accounts.

Clicking into an internal account will show you its details. The top section includes the account information. This can be helpful if someone asks you to send them wire instructions or you need to look up your account number. When the account number is revealed, this is logged on the audit trail in the same way we log viewing an external account’s account number.

In the bottom section, we display a list of capabilities that are available for your account and which ones are currently configured. The capabilities include common payment types such as ACH, wires, and checks, and may include payment types that are available at certain bank partners such as SEN at Silvergate.

Details for an internal account.

Fallback Support for RTP to ACH

Although we are big fans of Real-time Payments (RTP), we recognize that not all banks are able to receive RTP yet. Luckily, the account and routing number you would use to pay someone over RTP are the same for ACH payments.

With that in mind, our customers asked for a way to initiate payment orders using RTP but to have Modern Treasury automatically fall back to ACH if the receiver is ineligible for RTP. Our API for creating payment orders now includes a field, fallback_type, that can be set to ACH when initiating a RTP. Currently, we only support falling back from RTP to ACH.

1curl --request POST \
3  --url \
4  -H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
5  -d '{
6    "type": "rtp",
7    "fallback_type": "ach",
8    "amount": 1000,
9    "direction": "credit",
10    "currency": "USD",
11    "originating_account_id": "0f8e3719-3dfd-4613-9bbf-c0333781b59f",
12    "receiving_account_id": "5acec2ef-987b-4260-aa97-b719eeb0a8d5"
13  }'

Add live_mode Boolean to API Responses

All resources in the API will now include the live_mode attribute. This can be helpful for easily determining if you are operating in live or test mode when using our API. All examples in our API docs now reflect this change.


We’re constantly releasing improvements to our platform and have some major features coming soon. If you’re interested in learning more about our roadmap or how you can work with Modern Treasury, please let us know.

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