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Announcing Our SOC 1 Type II Compliance

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Adam RebhuhnCompliance Manager

Modern Treasury is pleased to announce our SOC 1 Type II report from Linford & Co. Building upon our robust SOC 2 compliance program, we’ve implemented additional controls resulting in a SOC 1 Type II Report without exception.

Since our founding, Modern Treasury has placed a high priority in AICPA’s SOC programs—we continue to invest in securing the platform to help ensure trust with our customers and illustrate our commitment to security. We’ve held a SOC 2 Report since the company was only 7 months old, and have since expanded the program to include more of our products and the additional Trust Services Criteria.

What is a SOC 1 Type II Audit?

A SOC 1 Report is an attestation that a licensed CPA auditing firm has assessed the internal financial reporting controls of a service organization. SOC 1 is particularly relevant when a service organization can directly impact the financials of its customers. It is the role of the service organization—in this case Modern Treasury—to implement and maintain a program that properly addresses financial control objectives.

We’ve focused on creating controls that provide reasonable assurance that payments are posted and recorded by the Modern Treasury application completely, accurately, and in a timely manner. Additionally, we've properly implemented controls that provide reasonable assurance that transaction data presented in Ledgers is complete and accurate.

What Does This Mean For Our Customers?

Modern Treasury is the operating system for the new era of payments. Financial operations must be performed with impeccable payment accuracy and reconciliation, and be built upon a best-in-class infrastructure which is reliable and continuously available. Our achievement of SOC 1 compliance demonstrates our dedication to continually building and strengthening trust and confidence with our customers.

Please see Modern Treasury’s Security Page for additional information regarding our security program. Distribution of our confidential SOC reports and security documentation is also available within our Trust Report Portal.

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