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Pausing Webhooks

We released a new feature that allows Modern Treasury customers to pause webhook endpoints while performing maintenance.

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To improve the experience of building against our webhooks API, Modern Treasury now allows users to configure webhook endpoints to temporarily stop receiving events.

Modern Treasury delivers a stream of events to your webhook endpoints to notify your system of important updates, such as a payment being reconciled. This is a robust way to monitor events and changes to various objects in an asynchronous environment. However, there are times when you may need to do scheduled maintenance on event handling services. This new feature allows you to perform that update without being spammed by events and without having to reconfigure endpoints from scratch.

You can access this feature directly within your dashboard, on the “Webhooks” page under the “Developer” tab. To pause or enable your webhook endpoint, click the webhook URL to be updated. At the top of the new page, you will be able to select “Enabled” or “Paused.” Paused webhook endpoints skip delivering events and will not be retried.

Webhook screen

Updates to webhook endpoints are tracked in each user’s audit trail on the “Users” page under the “Settings” tab.

Audit Trail screen

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