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How do I accept ACH payments from customers?

You can accept ACH payments from customers via your business bank account or a third-party service or payment provider. For a lower volume of ACH payments, you can provide customers with your business bank account details and they can then initiate the payment via their bank for a small fee.

Another way to accept ACH payments is to use an ACH debit to pull funds from customer accounts. This can be done once they’ve provided you with their bank account details and authorization for the debit transaction.

To accept a higher volume of ACH payments from customers you can also use an ACH API. An ACH API enables companies to write software that automates payments over the ACH network, making it possible to receive and track ACH payments from customers without the need for manual payment processes.

Depending on which bank you use, they may have their own ACH API or they may partner with a third party to provide API access to ACH.

An example of the flow of funds for an ACH payment

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ACH APIs enable companies with high transaction volumes to write software that automates payments over the ACH network. These APIs make it possible to initiate, receive and track payments at scale by eliminating manual processes.

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Yes, ACH payments can be automated. One way to automate ACH payments is by using an ACH API.

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The difference between ACH and EFT is that EFT (or, electronic funds transfer) is a general term that refers to all types of electronic payments whereas ACH (short for Automated Clearing House) refers to one specific type of electronic payment.

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