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Scale Payments Globally

Unlock payouts in 50+ currencies, launch immediately in 10+ countries, and orchestrate global payments for products and processes that move money.

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How it Works

Easily move money across borders

Use Modern Treasury to facilitate cross-border payments directly with your bank partner.

SWIFT wires

Initiate and reconcile high-value, one-off payouts through the SWIFT network with your bank partner.

Global ACH

Make mass payouts easy. Send money in the US that gets settled in local currencies via SEPA, BACS, EFT, and more.

Local rails

Build on top of our integrations with global banks. Send and receive money via Canadian EFTs, UK BACS, EU SEPA, and Australian BECS.

Start simplifying global payments today

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Use Cases

Programmatic global
payments, simplified

Companies use Modern Treasury to launch new services globally and optimize global payment operations.

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Build products that move 
money globally

Launch faster

Integrate once, launch in multiple currencies with a single build.

Build better products

Automate reconciliation, simplify payouts, and streamline direct bank integrations.

Improve liquidity management

Always-on, granular view of the money flowing through your product.


If you move money across borders, we can help you.

From fintech to Fortune 2000, companies across industries use Modern Treasury as their global operating system to move money.


Innovative fintechs use Modern Treasury to build programmatic cross-border payment flows that power new customer experiences.


Global marketplaces pay vendors faster and get more visibility into global operations with Modern Treasury.

Fortune 2000

Companies with global footprints use Modern Treasury to streamline international launches and operations.

Financial Services

Lenders, insurers, and investment firms use Modern Treasury to manage payments to and from international debtors, investors, and clients at scale.

Try Modern Treasury and see how smooth payment operations can be.

Connect with our team of experts to learn how to
 Modern Treasury can move your business forward.

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