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Reconciliation Reimagined for Modern Business

Modern Treasury’s reconciliation engine ingests, enhances, and reconciles your payments data, accelerating your operations and synchronizing your business.

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Goodbye batch based delays. Hello seamless, continuous finance.


Ingest payments data from banks, processors, and internal business systems via managed data connections.


Match transactions one-to-one, or many-to-one using pre-built or custom reconciliation rules.


Track cash activity and manage exceptions within a unified financial dashboard.


Export reconciled data to ERPs, data warehouses, and spreadsheets. Sync instantly to your product via API webhooks.

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“Modern Treasury’s automatic reconciliation has been instrumental in paying our partners faster and with more confidence. It’s given us a great handle on our payment flows.”

Guy Gal • CEO at Side
Finance Teams

Powerful new ways to get more done

Work efficiently and create financial transparency by centralizing your company’s financial data and automating busy work.

Accelerate your workflow

Reconcile payments automatically using the reconciliation engine and close your books faster and more accurately.

Track payments and reduce financial exposure

Monitor transactions in real-time. Catch anomalies to reduce financial risk.

Get financial insights

Better understand your financial operations with enhanced observability and centralized data.

Product Teams

Get answers faster and exceed customer expectations

Identify growth opportunities and deliver a better customer experience by taking full advantage of your company’s financial data.

Activate payments data

Deliver financial data at the speed customers expect and make it accessible across your product, systems, and teams.

Grow efficiently

Remove product bottlenecks by automating complex financial operations.

Generate new product insights

Gather intelligence from rich, queryable payments data to guide product decisions.


The end-to-end solution for any reconciliation problem

Automate your reconciliation workflows with continuous data to drive speed, transparency, and intelligence throughout your business.

An illustration showing bank and card processor transactions reconciled in a list.

Access continuous, real time data

Managed connections with banks, processors, and business databases access your data continuously for real time reconciliation.

Ingest from multiple payment sources

Import data across any payment method and processing partner, including Goldman Sachs, Citi, and Stripe.

No code required

Share free-flowing business data with Modern Treasury for reconciliation via seamless no-code data ingestion tools.

Close your books in half the time.

Try Modern Treasury and experience the future of payments. Connect with our team of experts to learn more.

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