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Reconcile with Precision at Scale

Leverage AI and get to 100% reconciled faster with a self-learning system that makes it easy to automate complex reconciliation and resolve exceptions.

For Modern Finance Teams

Reconciliation Reimagined

Real-time, precise financial operations with intelligent reconciliation.

AI that Saves Days Each Month

Get to 100% reconciled faster than ever with an always running, self-improving reconciliation engine.

Modern Treasury for Finance Teams

Intelligent Connections

Automatically enrich payments data to create better rules and improve match rates with AI.

Rules That Cut Through Complexity

Create granular rules, preview their effectiveness before implementing, and get match suggestions powered by AI.

Hassle-Free Implementation

Import payments data into Modern Treasury in minutes instead of months.

Effortless Exception Handling

Handle all your unreconciled transactions at blazing speed with a unified, modern dashboard.

Enterprise-Grade Scale, Controls & Security

Support for RBAC, SSO, SCIM, and SIEM. SOC I, SOC II, and PCI DSS compliant.

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"Modern Treasury has been a true thought partner, helping us leverage best practices to accelerate the launch of our new reconciliation platform. Automating reconciliation across our business will drive efficiency and unlock new opportunities for growth"

Dan Brames • Chief Payments Officer at Alegeus

Frequently Asked Questions

We define transaction reconciliation as identifying and matching the record of a single financial transaction across systems. This includes ensuring transactions match across internal systems of record (i.e. sub-ledgers or homegrown systems) and external sources of truth (i.e. banks). At small volumes, it is equivalent to comparing every row in a spreadsheet of detailed transactions. Each transaction might represent a user payment, invoice, or trade that is reconciled between internal systems, payment processors, or banks, as well as every step in between.

Modern Treasury is designed for complex, high-volume transaction reconciliation. Our system helps finance teams automate thorny and complex use cases such as multi-step or three-way reconciliation, batched payments, or intercompany reconciliation.

Yes. We have worked with enterprises to speed up digital payments transformation by providing them with managed services, implementation support, and payments advisory. Reach out to our sales team here to learn more.

Modern Treasury can help ingest data from a range of internal systems, and external vendors such as banks, card processors, issuing partners, payment providers, data warehouses, as well as other third-party systems. Connections are built with our customer’s bespoke needs in mind upon onboarding.

Finance teams can create and manage reconciliation rules directly in our app without writing code. By analyzing reconciliation activity, Modern Treasury will use AI to suggest matches to resolve exceptions and rule updates to increase match rates. Suggestions will only be implemented if approved, and the system allows users to preview the effect of any new rules for maximum control and accuracy.

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