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Introducing the Modern Treasury Status Page

We’re excited to announce our status page where you can view Modern Treasury’s current condition and past incident details.

Matt McFarlandEngineering

At Modern Treasury, we facilitate critical payment operations for our customers. Ensuring that every money movement occurs dependably and on-time is a paramount focus for our engineering team. Our customers rely on Modern Treasury and should expect an external dashboard that communicates about any functional outages and shows a track record for how consistently we have provided a stable service.

We’re excited to announce our status page where you can view Modern Treasury’s current condition and past incident details. Whenever we have an outage or downtime, the status page will reflect the scope of the degraded functionality, severity of the issue and the duration of the incident. Because every service and its core competencies are unique, each company needs to define an appropriate definition of uptime for them. For us, we think about uptime in three ways:

  1. Are our services generally available? Are our servers provisioned and running our application to service customer requests on the API and application?
  2. Can a customer log into and use our dashboard application?
  3. Can a customer successfully create a payment order?

If the answer to any of these questions is no, we’re likely experiencing some sort of outage. We verify that our services are working appropriately with a combination of alerting on our infrastructure and external service checks. Here are some examples for metrics we find meaningful:

  1. The number of 5XX errors returned by our API.
  2. Unique and new exceptions in our web-app.
  3. Failures to login with the browser.
  4. Failures to create a payment order with the API.

While we strive to provide stable and error-free services, we also know that problems might accidentally arise as we continue to improve our products and customer experience. Our commitment is to be both transparent and responsive with our customers when problems do occur and focus on mitigating the effects of an outage as quickly as possible.

Thanks for building with Modern Treasury and please reach out with any questions.

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