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Why We Launched Professional Services

We’re excited to share our launch of Professional Services. Learn about the origins of this new offering and how enterprises stand to gain efficiency, unlock revenue, and curtail risk as a result.

Preet NarisettyCustomer Success

Customer Success at Modern Treasury aims to deliver exceptional value and impeccable experience at each stage of a client’s journey with us. Another way we articulate this goal internally is that value relates to results, and experience relates to how companies feel while achieving these results.

Professional Services, launching today, is a natural extension of these commitments and our company values—helping customers build their own best companies. To comprehensively support enterprises, Professional Services (or ProServ) includes onboarding and architecture, implementation and testing, and exclusive support. Each offering can be customized and bundled for an end-to-end and ongoing solution.

The How and Why

Since launching nearly six years ago, Modern Treasury has evolved and expanded when it comes to who uses our software, what we know as a team, and what our products can power.

Enterprise customers have different requirements from growth-stage companies. While it isn’t uncommon for businesses to launch with Modern Treasury, enterprise companies typically come to us with payment infrastructure already in place. For one reason or another, these incumbent systems no longer serve business needs—be it scale, capacity, speed, risk mitigation, or financial or digital transformation. Modern Treasury is the platform that helps enterprises streamline workflows and unlock greater efficiency.

As a team, Modern Treasury brings considerable payments expertise to the table, having worked with major enterprises and other companies where payment flows are highly intricate. Our team also understands the potential problems, pain points, and complexities that arise from in-house builds and sprawling, dated tech stacks. Our APIs and web app have continued to advance as a result, making Modern Treasury the solution for enterprises moving, tracking, and reconciling transactions at a high volume.

Ultimately, ProServ is like a bridge. Prospective companies often understand what Modern Treasury can do for them but not how. The path forward can seem daunting, especially the more entrenched and numerous company systems are. Which integrations, replacements, and/or new builds will be required to solve one primary problem or even multiple issues? ProServ bridges potential with action—desired future state with quantifiable outcomes—for the most complex money movement use cases. In other words, as I like to say, ProServ can make the magic happen. Modern Treasury now provides not only the software but also the people and expertise to help companies realize their vision, even on an ambitious timeline.

Professional Services comprises three offerings—Solutions Architecture, Full Service Technical Implementation, and Managed Services and Support—designed to deeply support enterprises full circle.

Solutions Architecture

Our Solutions Architects draw from experience across verticals to offer technical and industry expertise. To ensure each company's implementation is set up for accuracy and scale, this solution includes customized technical consultation and enablement sessions, use-case discovery, and assistance with testing and go-live monitoring. Solutions Architecture is available for each of our products.

For Payments, our team offers diagramming sessions to define core payment flows, API architecture design, and integrated systems. Clients receive comprehensive guidance on designing high-throughput payment flows, integrating Modern Treasury with other systems in a tech stack, and data-mapping and storage.

By leveraging this service, enterprises can optimize their payments solutions—decreasing time to launch, increasing the speed of pay-ins and payouts, and centralizing workflows to improve visibility and efficiency.

For our Reconciliation Engine, Solutions Architects offer recommendations on rules logic to meet reconciliation requirements, including assistance in implementing recon rules, reconciliation rule variables, and custom identifiers. We offer recommendations on data mapping for source data and Transaction ingestion.

Expert architecture for reconciliation is designed to assure companies are achieving maximum value throughout their financial workflows, reducing financial risks, and gaining access to essential real-time insight.

For Ledgers, Solutions Architecture includes producing a holistic ledger design, edge-case scoping, metadata design, error handling, and high-throughput advice. We can also produce sample API calls and offer guidance on how to integrate with Modern Treasury, including how to manage hot accounts, balance locking, templating, and more.

This offering can unlock growth potential, supporting clients’ ability to launch new financial products and centralize intricate payment flows.

Full-Service Technical Implementation

Our second offering is a full-service implementation, including the design and execution of a company’s use case with Modern Treasury. This service can help customers who may lack internal technical resources or expertise.

While the scope of a full-service implementation may vary significantly, a typical project includes:

  • Discovery to define fund flows, integration needs with internal and external systems, design specifications, and desired reporting outputs to data warehouses or ERPs
  • Design for an integration between a company’s systems, Modern Treasury’s products, and any external systems
  • Implementation, wherein Modern Treasury will implement the relevant products in accordance with the architecture prescribed in the design phase
  • Testing and Validation a joint process to validate the fully integrated solution in a company’s intended production environment by defining test cases and success criteria
  • Go Live, with support throughout the process

Managed Services and Support

Modern Treasury has also introduced premium support for customers with stringent needs and those desiring the highest level of assistance and guidance. This tier of services and support includes:

Advanced customer support, with extended coverage hours, faster SLAs, additional channels, and regular reviews to ensure projects keep pace.

Retained solutions architecture, providing infrastructure design support on an ongoing basis.

Business Impact

The benefits of Professional Services mirror the benefits Modern Treasury’s platform offers:

Efficiency. With ProServ, enterprises can redirect valuable time and resources towards key objectives. Active guidance from an expert partner ensures businesses can innovate and launch new products faster.

Revenue growth and cost-savings. Companies can dramatically increase the ROI of a partnership with Modern Treasury. They can also unlock new use cases and create real-time finance flows.

Risk mitigation. Professional Services helps companies decrease risk by providing best practices from our collective payments expertise and experience working with major enterprises. The team at Modern Treasury knows what pitfalls to look out for—we’ve completed countless implementations with strong bank partners whose compliance requirements are explicit.

We believe in building things right the first time. With our expertise, Modern Treasury can help you build not just for now but also for future scale, safely.

Professional Services for Next-level Enterprise Payments

ProServ is an exciting opportunity for Modern Treasury to put action behind company values, namely our commitment to the highest level of Customer Success and a passionate belief in the capacity of our platform (especially for companies operating at scale). Without the latter—a powerful, comprehensive operating system for moving, tracking, and reconciling money in real-time—none of this would be achievable.

Professional Services is only one way we’re amplifying what’s possible for enterprises across industries. Given that many of our customers rely on a variety of partners, Modern Treasury is currently forging relationships with industry service providers to better serve enterprises with complex payment needs. Stay tuned for more about our partner ecosystem later this year—and reach out today to learn more about Professional Services.

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