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Add Lob Support

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Sam AaronsCTO

To better support customers who send physical checks, Modern Treasury has now added Lob as a supported check print provider. Many banks offer this service natively, but for customers whose banks do not, this can be a great solution for sending physical checks while still natively maintaining the reconciliation and accounting tools that Modern Treasury provides. For customers using multiple banks, consolidating to a single third-party check print provider can also bring consistency and reliability to the physical check mailing process.

​For users of Modern Treasury's API, checks can be created the same way as any other payment order. Our platform will transparently redirect the payment order directly to Lob.

2 "type": "check",
3 "amount": 1000,
4 "direction": "credit",
5 "currency": "USD",
6 "originating_account_id": "<Internal Account ID>",
7 "receiving_account_id": "<External Account ID>",
8 "statement_descriptor": "This is the memo line",
9 "remittance_information": "This can hold 400 characters"

​To enable check printing on Modern Treasury, please reach out to your account manager and ask for Lob support.

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