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February & March Changelog

In February and March, our team launched a host of new product features and updates, including our Professional Services offering, updated invoice flows for ledgers, new filters, and more.

Matt MarcusCPO

Here is a closer look at the updates and features we shipped in February and March.

Professional Services

Professional Services comprises three offerings—Solutions Architecture, Full Service Technical Implementation, and Managed Services and Support—designed to support enterprises accelerating payments transformation.

With Professional Services, enterprises can redirect valuable time and resources towards key objectives.

Learn more about our Professional Services offerings here.

Linked Status For Invoicing And Ledgers

Ledgers customers can now attach a Ledger Account Settlement that will track the state of the underlying invoice. Using this integration, you can track an outstanding balance in a ledger account, then generate both an invoice and payment for the outstanding balance. When the invoice is paid, the ledger account balance will reflect the settled payment. For more information, view our API guides.

Organization Change Approvals

Modern Treasury now gives customers the option to require an admin to approve all changes to payment approval rules, roles, and permissions. Changes made to these objects will be pending until an admin approves of the changes. This will allow organizations to have greater security control for critical paths in money movement. Read more in our documentation here.

Flexible Payment Timing Windows

We have rolled out flexible payment timing windows for scheduled payments. This allows enterprise customers to have precise control over the processing time of payments at scale. Payments with this attribute set will be processed at the first configured processing window following that time. For more information, view the “process_after” field in this doc.

Virtual Accounts and Ledger Accounts Integration

Customers can now set up Virtual Accounts as Ledgerable Accounts through the Virtual Account APIs and the Ledger Account APIs. With the correct Ledgerable Account configuration, when money moves into or out of Virtual Accounts (VAs), we automatically generate Ledger Transactions for the Incoming Payment Details (IPDs). A clear migration path is provided to customers for a smooth transition from the obsolete parameters to the new linkage pattern. Please see the updated user guide for more info.

Favorites in the App

Customers can now star records on list view dashboards and detail views, starting with ledger accounts. Customers can see their favorites using the ‘Show favorites’ / ‘Show all’ button.

Ledger Account Category Balance Locking

Customers can now enforce shared balance limits on ledger transactions. When locking on a category, the system can ensure an error is returned when requests are out of bounds. This is useful in cases where our customers need to manage user wallets or cards where multiple cards can share one spend limit. Learn more about this new feature here.

Bulk Transactions Endpoint

Similar to Payment Orders, Ledger Transactions, and Expected Payments, there is now a bulk endpoint for Transactions. All the actions supported on the Transactions Endpoint are supported on the Bulk Transactions Endpoint (create, update, and delete). And customers can now create 1,000 Transactions in one API call. Learn more about Bulk Transactions Endpoint here.

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