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April Changelog

In April, our team launched new product features and updates, including Bulk Invoice Creation, Reconciliation Rules Previews, Sequential Approvers, and more.

Matt MarcusCPO

Here is a closer look at the updates and features we shipped in April.

Invoice links that are emailed or accessed through the API will now expire 30 days after the invoice due date. This allows for increased security of invoices. If an invoice has expired, a refresh flow allows the user to access an updated link to the invoice or the ability to request a new link.

Bulk Invoice Creation

Invoices can now be created in bulk. This change makes it easier to create multiple invoices at once, as opposed to making them one at a time. For more information, see our guide here.

Reconciliation Rules Previews

Previously, when a user created or updated their Reconciliation Rules, those rule changes immediately went into effect. With our new rules previews, users can now understand the performance of potential rule changes using historical data and view high-level statistics before committing to a new rule immediately.

Unlimited Export Record Count

Select users can now export an unlimited number of records via CSV. Please reach out to your CSM to find out if this feature is available to you.

Sequential Approvers and Admin Override Deprecation

Customers can now write Rules that result in sequential approvals. Changes include:

  • Users can create multiple rules with a concept of priority.
  • Reviewers can be notified one Rule at a time, instead of all Rules at once.
  • On the Approvals page, Users will—by default—see what current approvals are needed, and have an option to see future approvals.
  • Each User can only review each Rule once.
  • Organizations can no longer admin override payment orders, Users can identify conditional Approvers to set up similar approval workflows.

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