March Changelog

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March was a busy month for us at Modern Treasury. We shared some changes we made to support customers in Canada through RBC, display API logs in the application, and enable users to reconcile expected payments manually in the dashboard. Here are a few additional changes that were released.

Continuous Accounting Enhancements

We’ve added support for using classes, or departments, from your ledger when syncing activity from Modern Treasury. Previously, we only allowed our users to set the accounting category from the chart of accounts when creating payment orders.

Now, you can add additional granularity that may be required for proper accounting and financial planning. For example, you might have an accounting category for advertising expenses. To split up advertising expenses by the department in your company they correspond to, whether it’s recruiting or sales, you could use classes.

Additionally, we’ve added settings that allow you to control whether activity from Modern Treasury is automatically synced to your ledger. Depending on whether you want activity to flow automatically to your ledger, or you want to have granular control over each time the app syncs to your ledger, you can now decide for yourself in the application.

All of these settings are configurable on your ledger’s settings page.

Screen: Quickbooks Integration Settings

Alter “Collect Account Details” endpoint to make sending email optional

Modern Treasury can email your counterparties on your behalf to collect their banking information. This is helpful in cases where you want to securely collect the information through our platform, instead of your own. Our email contains a link to a secure form that the counterparty can use to enter their information, after which you will be notified via webhook.

Some customers prefer to send the email themselves, from their own email address, but still have the counterparty fill in their banking details on Modern Treasury’s website.

To enable that behavior, we altered the /counterparties/{id}/collect_account endpoint to add an optional parameter, send_email. The default behavior will still be that the counterparty receives an email. However, if the parameter is set to false, we will not send the email. Instead, you can use the link provided in the API response form_link in your own email. The link is the same link we would send through our email to the counterparty.

1curl --request POST \
2  --url \
3  --data '{"direction":"credit","send_email":"false"}'

Add ability to search by metadata on expected payments API

Our API endpoint GET /expected_payments now allows you to search for expected payments using their metadata. This functionality is also available on our payment order and counterparty APIs.

For example, if you wanted to find all expected payments that were rent payments, you could do the following:

1curl --request GET \
2  --url '

Or if you wanted to see if you had created any expected payments with a particular ID from my system, you could do the following query:

1curl --request GET \
2  --url '

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