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Announcing Support for RTP with Increase

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RTP with Increase

We’re thrilled to announce our support for real-time payments (RTP) with Increase. Now, customers of Modern Treasury and Increase can access and support The Clearing House’s RTP rail within Modern Treasury’s operating system.

Faster payments, such as RTP and the soon-to-come FedNow, are changing how money moves, creating new possibilities for companies that deliver payments as part of their products. RTP is available 24/7, enabling instant payments to any financial institution connected to the network. By using RTP, customers can unlock opportunities to deliver compelling new experiences, improve cash flows, and unlock new revenue streams.

Our support for RTP adds to the existing suite of payment capabilities we offer in partnership with Increase. Increase customers can now use the same Modern Treasury integration to send, track, and reconcile payments across RTP, same-day ACH, wire, and check transfers. In addition, clients have the ability to leverage instant set-up and virtual accounts.

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