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July/August Changelog

In July and August, our product and engineering team shipped several new features including Automatic Invoice Email Notifications, Pre-built UI Updates, and more.

Matt MarcusCPO

Here is a closer look at the updates and features we shipped in July and August.

Invoice Auto-Payments

We are now allowing users to automatically collect payments when they create an Invoice. This is available in UI and the API. This feature is helpful when they already have the counterparty’s payment details. With our built in automation, the invoice will be automatically marked as paid when the associated Payment Order completes. If they do not have the counterparty’s payment details, thy can use an embedded Payment Flow in the Invoice. See our guide to invoice payments here.

Automatic Invoice Email Notifications

With invoice email notifications, customers can now enable counterparty email notifications on a per-invoice basis. Invoice counterparties will receive emails when the Invoice is first issued and when the invoice's status updates (e.g., when a payment order created for an issued invoice fails). An invoice can include up to 20 email addresses, which will be CC’d on the notification emails.

See our guide to invoice email notifications here.

Prebuilt UIs Update: Localization

Spanish language account collection
Spanish language account collection

The account collection pre-built UI is now available in Spanish. Customers can either manually set a language, or by default have it inferred from the browser preference of each end-user.

Pre-built UI Update: Scheduling payments with Payment Flows

Payment details date
Payment details, select payment date

Our Payment Flow enables customers to collect bank account details from end users and charge them. Previously, when an end user went through the flow, a payment would be immediately made (e.g., it creates a payment order with an effective date of today). Now, end users can select when a payment is made using a calendar. And, if supplied, end users can view the due date when selecting the effective date.

Support for TLS 1.3

Modern Treasury API clients that support the latest version of this encryption protocol can start taking advantage of it today—and many will automatically upgrade without requiring any intervention. TLS 1.3 is faster and more secure than its predecessors. According to our synthetic API tests, some requests can see up to a 20% speed improvement.

Next Steps

If you have any questions or feedback about any of these updates, or if you’re interested in trying one of Modern Treasury’s payment operations products, .

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