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Routing Number API

We've released a new feature that allows customers to verify routing numbers using a new API endpoint.

Ariel GermanEngineering

Today, we are releasing a new method for customers to validate bank routing numbers. We have previously written about different ways to verify bank accounts using Modern Treasury, and now customers can also verify routing numbers themselves using a new API endpoint. 

Our routing number API has the following features:

  • Validate ABA and SWIFT routing numbers
  • Retrieve bank details including name and address
  • Confirm payment types supported by the bank’s routing number

This is the same kind of validation we do when creating routing details for counterparties. Validating a routing number using the Modern Treasury API is as simple as making the following call:

With this new endpoint, it’s easy to validate any routing number provided by users. This feature is currently only available to active customers. If you are interested in building with this API or if you have any questions, you can sign up or send us a message at

‍For more, head over to our complete API documentation.

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