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Previously, we introduced API Logs for developers to track API requests made to our Modern Treasury API. We also introduced Webhook Logs to help developers manage where webhooks are sent and help monitor the status of webhook deliveries. Many aspects of the developer experience were covered with these two tools, but not all. For example, there was no good way to monitor internal state changes of objects within Modern Treasury. To fix this we created Events.

Events are how we model important state changes within the Modern Treasury system. When a state change event occurs, we create an Event object. A payment order being completed is an event payment_order.completed, and so is a transaction that was reconciled transaction.reconciled.

Events is a new subsection in the Developers section of the app. As the name suggests, Events will list all events associated with your organization. You can filter the events based on the type of resource (e.g. “Payment Order”), then further based on the event name (e.g. “sent”) or the date range during which the events took place. If you are interested in events related to a specific entity, you can also search by that entity’s ID.

Clicking on any of the events will lead you to a dedicated event details page, which details the event’s description, data, and webhook delivery attempts associated. Below, we see a “return.created” event and all the information related to that return creation. Since the event entity is a Return object, clicking on the highlighted event entity ID will bring you to the page of the actual Return object.

Events can also be queried via our Events API endpoints to show a list of events or an individual event. To access the Events API endpoints successfully, you need to use an API Key with “developer resources” permissions.

We are excited about events being not only a tool for developers, but also for the finance and operations teams to help them understand the timing and sequence of events in Modern Treasury. We plan to utilize events for future features that will provide added visibility into your company’s payment operations.

If you want to build your payments infrastructure on Modern Treasury, please send us a note.

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